Speaking of dropping the ball…

Well, after promising “lots of updates” in the summer, there were no posts for almost a year.

Yeah, about that…

There’s no reason really, I’m just bad at remembering to update the website. So here are a few of the things we’ve been up to:

We’ve been writing music for a new album. A live recording of one of the songs that will likely end up on the album was used as the soundtrack to a short film by Steff Gundling (with help from yours truly) that ended up winning two awards at the Vancouver Island Film Festival. You can watch it here.

One of our songs uploaded by a fan recently passed 100,000 views! That’s amazing! Check it out here.

I’m not going to make any update promises, but hopefully I’ll be diligent about taking photos and making updates as we progress with work on the new album. We have one show currently scheduled – my 30th birthday at Lucky Bar here in Victoria, on July 19th. Hope to see you there!

Massive apologies for not updating the website in so long. Kind of dropped the ball on this one. Expect lots of updates this summer!

VIMAs, Lucky, Owls oh my!

The show at Lucky Bar on Tuesday was wonderful, thanks everyone who came! We’ll have photos and video from the event up soon.

We’ve been nominated for a Vancouver Island Music Award for our video to ‘Dusk’

We were also recently given another strong review from Grayowl Point

Upcoming Shows

Sometimes I forget to update the show listings on our website here. No longer! We’re updated through to May (though of course more shows could be added in the meantime).

In case you missed the memo, we’re playing at Lucky Bar in one week – Tuesday, February 7th. We have advance tickets for sale, $7 – it will be $10 at the door.

Hope to see you there!


It’s official: We’re being carried along with the zeitgeist and have opened a Twitter account.

You can follow us @MusicVersa.

May God have mercy on our souls.

ZIPpity do da

You can now download the whole EP as a ZIP with album art and liner notes here.

We were featured on HardOCP again, which is super cool – thanks Steve! You can view that particular entry here.

Aaron Diaz also gave us a nice mention on his Tumblr which drove quite a few people to view the Lantern Season video. Just a reminder, that video (based on the fantastic Dresden Codak comic) is up on YouTube now, and we’re closing in on 4,000 views (watch it, or watch it again, and help us crack that number!)

[edit] Oh hey check this out: Our first album, now available as a ZIP with art and liner notes.


The Common Things EP is finished!

You can download individual tracks from our Discography page.

We’ll have a ZIP of the album with high-resolution album art and release notes available in the next day or two.

Shows scheduled for The Cambie in Nanaimo on January 20th and at Lucky Bar here in Victoria on February 7th. More details to come soon!

I’m a filthy liar.

Everything’s done on the new EP except mastering for one song. Expect it this weekend. Assuming I’m not lying again.

Quick update!

The EP will be released on Wednesday December 14, and will be *free*.

We are playing tomorrow (December 13) at Fort Street Café here in Victoria – come out early, the show will be from 7:00-10:00.

We’re proud to release our first music video from the new EP, for the song Lantern Season (inspired by the Dresden Codak comic of the same name).

New EP Release Date, Upcoming Shows, New Video

Seems every time I make a promise about updating more, I update less. So no more promises – maybe now more updates?

Anyway! Lots of news. First up:

Common Things EP drops on November 22nd. For free. Check back here for the whole 5-song shebang. It’s going to be great!

We have a little “Meet Versa” music video which includes a sneak peak at Olav’s Common Things Remix which will be on the EP. Have a watch/listen:

We’ve also got a couple shows coming up. On November 22nd we’re playing Lucky Bar here in Victoria for the first time in what feels like forever – we love playing Lucky, and we’re doing it with Olav (of Common Things Remix fame!), Isobel Trigger, and Spaceboots, to celebrate the release of our new EP and new music from Spaceboots too. Doors at 9:00, show starts at 10:00, $10 advance or at the door (advance tickets available at Ditch Records).

We’re also playing at Fort Street Café on December 13 and at the Cambie in Nanaimo on either December 9 or 13 (details to follow).